portrait of the artist by her son Aaron OMalley
the artist at 6 years old
Collage self portrait as a knight
the artist at 29 years old


Edie Bresler is an artist interested in chance as both a subject for investigation and a strategy of engagement. Her practice often combines participatory community actions with photography. In 2010 she began looking closely at local bodegas and convenience stores across the country that were the sites of winning jackpot lottery tickets. In 2013, Bresler created an alternative local economy based on photography, trust and trade exchange as artist in residence at the Boston Center for the Arts. Most recently  Bresler was the recipient of a Massachusetts Cultural Council fellowship in Photography (2017). Her projects have been featured on Good Morning America and PBS Greater Boston as well as in Photograph Magazine, Lenscratch, Slate, Photo District News, Business Insider, Esquire Russia and many other publications. She is represented by Gallery Kayafas in Boston. She lives in Somerville, MA and is director of the photography program at Simmons University in Boston.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Gallery Kayafas, Boston MA

Davis Orton Gallery, Hudson, NY

Gallery 1401,  Philadelphia, PA

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